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intercep x with XDR (server) avergace cpu an ram usage

Hello Sophos Community, 

Is there a KB or does anyone know  the average CPU & RAM usage for intercep x with XDR (server)

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  • It's not really as cut and dry as that.  It really depends on the number of events being processed which is mainly driven by the role of the server.

    In the current release:
    - The number of cores of the server also has a bearing on the amount of RAM SSPService.exe uses. 
    - Scanning archives in the current version can :also push up the RAM of SophosFileScanner.exe and SSPService.exe. This isn't the default unless you have enabled it for scheduled scans.

    The next release, 2023.1, both of the above will be less of an issue.

    The processes to consider are:
    - SSPService.exe
    - SEDService.exe
    - SophosFileScanner.exe (worker in command line)
    - Non-paged pool on the computer (SophosED.sys and hmpalert.sys)
    - SophosOsQuery.exe 

    Do you have some numbers for these and the roles of the server?