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Server 2012 R2: Sophos Clean - Sophos Safestore are still there?


I have a quick question about those 2 services, set to automatic but not running. There have been som eposts about them like:

 2 Services are stopped - Sophos Clean - Sophos Safestore 

We notice, they are still there on Server 2012 R2 OS while they are not there on later OS installations.

The Article wites, they only be removed on Server 2016 OS and later.

Note: The Sophos Clean and Sophos Safestore services are present and set to Automatic but are stopped by default. These settings should not be changed.
Both of these services are removed in the Core Agent 2022.1.0.78 release for Windows 10 (x64) and above, and Windows Server 2016 and above.

So this is intended behaviour on 2012 R2 OS?


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