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MCS 504 issues just started 4/7

I was going to post this in the 'Endpoint' forum, but it looks like it got hijacked by spammers or something as it took me like 3 pages to find the 'real' posts.

Starting yesterday around 2am Pacific our Endpoint clients starting complaining about 504 issues with the Sophos Management Communications System randomly throughout the day (and into today, still occurring).  I know this could possibly be a firewall/network issue (Sophos UTM) but I wanted to check to see if anyone else was having the issue first.  We appear to normally talk to the 'west 2' URL at

I haven't yet been able to confirm if any devices outside of our network perimeter are having the issue, I'm trying to locate one.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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  • This issue appears to be affecting new installs too, as the client will fail with a 504 error while to trying to register itself in Central.    I've found the corresponding entry in our UTM web filter logs and they all show '200' for each event.    I also found some previous posts on here from a few years ago with the same issue, which then just went away after a while and most people suspected that Sophos simply 'fixed' the issue.    It looks like the client only waits for 10 seconds from a response from the other end before giving up, so it seems like maybe the servers are congested right now?

  • A few customers have reported similar issues to us recently. Just now, some changes were made to the back-end servers to alleviate some excess load which our systems were experiencing.

    Please let me know if the issue continues to persist. 

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  • Ahh.. that explains it -- been seing them on some other clients too.

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  • I can confirm that as of 10am on 4/10 (Pacific) the errors are no longer occurring.   Thanks for fixing that!

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