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Licensing for Non-Domain/Standalone Environment

Hi folks,

Coming in with questions regarding licensing for Intercept X.

We have a small shop that we would like to deploy Intercept X in, which will pair nicely with our XG135 for Security Heartbeat.

I understand that licensing is sold on a per-user basis. Our problem is that as a small shop, we do not have a domain or any active directory services. Though there are only 2-3 people, we have probably over a dozen shop computers that are actively used throughout the daytime that need protection. From reading the licensing documentation on Intercept X, I understand that each unique user on each unique device would count as a license consumption. This is a problem for us, as this wildly accelerates the cost from what would be 2-3 licenses up to as many as possibly 24 or more.

I have seen that it may be possible to create identities within Sophos Central that can have a group of users associated with them, consuming only one license per person.

My questions are: is it correct that a single user can be associated with a group of users consuming only one license? Is there a maximum amount of users that can be associated with a single user? If a user is active on multiple devices simultaneously while only consuming a single license, are all devices still protected?

Thanks for any guidance; I appreciate responses that can help our small environment.

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  • Hi Hard_Working_LANman,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sophos Community Forum. 

    You are correct in that a single user in Sophos Central can have multiple "Assigned Logins" (this is the username entered into the windows login screen). This is intended for situations just like yours where the same user may have different usernames depending on the device they access.

    If a user is active on multiple devices simultaneously, each of the devices they are logged into will consume a license. If you were to go over your license count, there is no impact on the protection your devices have, although, for accounting purposes, it’s best to ensure you have the correct number of licenses.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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