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Sophos Endpoint on personal machine

Hey there, asking for advice.

I’m a software engineer contractor. I do work for a variety of clients.

One of my clients that I’ve worked with for about a year informed me they need Sophos Endpoint to be installed on my computer for me to continue using the vpn required to access their servers.

I obliged and now I’m getting really annoyed with the web filtering. This is my personal machine and I use it off hours to game, browse the web, etc. and I can’t do any of that now.

I complained about it a bit but they’re not willing to turn off web filtering.

I’d like to set up a VM instead to do they’re work on and have Sophos endpoint installed on there instead of on the host machine. That way I get the freedom to use my personal machine as I please, and they get the protection in an enclosed environment that they need.

Can Sophos Endpoint work in a VM?

I have a M1 Mac and plan on using Parallels to do this.

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