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Sophos File Scanning WSL1

Does the Sophos File scanner scan files in a WSL1 installation?

Those files are available to Windows at \\wsl.localhost\

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  • It looks like I am running Version 2. While testing and interacting with the files directly using WSL within the \\wsl folder, I was not able to generate any detections.

    When using /mnt to move to the C: drive to interact with files, I was able to generate detections.

    If I were to use the Windows File explorer to browse the files in the \\wsl, this too generated detections.

    If an application were to execute within WSL, the moment it begins affecting the Windows filesystem, I expect you'd see the same. You may want to create a case to inquire into this a bit further as it's unclear if Sophos' filter drivers are truly inspecting all of the operations that occur within the WSL specifically. 

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