Sophos indicates Malware at virustotal

When I made a scan using virustotal for the site I get a few red flags. Sophos is one of them.

The scan looks different if use my phone compared to a computer. On the phone Sophos has its own line, but on the computer it shares line with Abusix.

Now this is a new site that don't have any Malware. So why do I get this result?  And why doesn't it say any details about what it is that Sophos detects? 

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[edited by: GlennSen at 8:08 AM (GMT -8) on 24 Jan 2023]
  • Hello there,

    Thank you for reaching the community forum based on what we can see on our side. The said site has been categorized as Hacking hence you're getting this notification on VirusTotal. Multiple reasons can cause this, one of which was that the domain had been used before for malicious intentions. You must raise a request through our sample submission portal for site re-categorization and state what category this site should be in. Note that processing the such request will take 3-5 business days.

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