Block Whatsapp web data upload and download

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what I'm trying to do is to allow Whatsapp web for my users, but only as chat service. I want to block possibility to upload and download any kind of files, to be compliant with our DLP policy.

I think I can create a web policy to do it, rather than using control application, but I didn't find how proceed.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Thank you for reaching the community. 

    There is no way to control the actions of a certain application using web control as web control's setting don't have the ability for a granular config. Though this is possible  via DLP policy by configuring File rule and manually add the possible file extensions which mostly being uploaded/downloaded on whatsapp. However there is a limitation as well when doing it on DLP since the only options we can get was as of below for Internet browsing.

    Note: applying this settings may render you to upload any type of documents selected under "File type". If you're environment does not usually uploads file via internet like .gpg, .png. mp3, mp4 etc which is commonly being upload via whatsapp then this set-up will work for you. 

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  • Hi Glenn and thanks for the reply.

    The idea is to block all instant messaging applications and web services (Signal, Telegram, Discord, etc...) except Whatsapp Web (it is widely used so block it can be a business issue). But for security reason I want to block file upload and download for all kind of files and pictures.

    What you seggested is a good option. I already thought about create a DLP policy, but unfortunately Whatsapp is not included in destionation conditions. If I create a policy to block specific file extensions upload as destination web browsing, all data upload for that extension will be blocked, and it is something to avoid, because we use some internal web tools that required users to upload and download files.

    Following some ideas found on internet, I tried to configure a web policy to block specifi URL used by Whatsapp for data transfer, but it didn't work.

    Thanksfor your help,