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how can we fix this.

  • uid: 11153a4b-eb17-3ea8-e686-4e277003c638
  • family_id: 6eb3ff26-0e34-15a1-0f48-11e273784787
  • process_alias_path: $windows\explorer.exe
  • process_name: Windows Explorer
  • process_version: 10
  • thumbprint: 20f00333e19359ac81a0ac9dd49f7dd31533f3379a6e57f78bada98b0b7c64cf
  • details: Mitigation CryptoGuard V5 Timestamp 2022-11-03T14:03:05 Platform 10.0.19044/x64 v37 06_8e- PID 11152 Enabled 00052E3000800004 Application C:\Windows\explorer.exe Created 2022-10-17T04:21:29 Modified 2022-10-17T04:21:29 Description Windows Explorer 10 Filename C:\Windows\explorer.exe Detection Generic.Ransom.C

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