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Windows Server 2019: Network Threat Protection causes RDS system lockup requiring restart


We are also getting this issue on our RDS servers running windows server 2019, after a few days the vm fully locks up and the only fix there on out is to turn it off in hyper v and turn it back on. Disabling Network threat protection fixes that issue, we have had no reoccurances since then

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  • The NTP Service being stuck in a starting state is interesting, I wonder if this is related?

    I've seen this with a bug in a Redhat network driver and another NIC driver affecting the registering of WFP filters. So the SophosNTPService.exe process gets stuck in a WFP call. 

    It is only registering with WFP to enable the WFP filters for web protection/Control.  With those features disabled it shouldn't perform this task.

    Are you able to test if you get the issue with "Web Control" AND "Scan downloads in progress" AND "Block access to malicious websites", I.e. in the Threat Protection policy applied to the server disabled these 2:

    Then in the web control policy applied to the server, if enabled disable this:

    Check at the client that SophosNetFilter.exe has stopped.  This is evidence of the features being disabled. All 3 need to be disabled for SophosNetFilter.exe to stop running.

    Then restart the Sophos Network Threat Protection service.  This will ensure all WFP callout registrations are removed.

    Does the problem occur from this state?  If so, it suggest to me an issue with this feature/WFP.