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Sophos Central - Server Protection - Antivirus does not allow the Postgres service to start.

Sophos Central - Server Protection - Antivirus does not allow the Postgres service to start.


We are having a problem with the operation of Sophos Server Protection, where even with the exclusions, the Postgres service does not start.
This service is part of a Sonicwall solution suite called GMS. We are considering this to be a bug, as with other antivirus solutions this does not happen.

We were forced to remove the antivirus. Before, I even created specific rules per group. Did not work. We removed the antivirus and everything returned to normal.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

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  • The "SonicWall Universal Management Suite - Reports Summarizer" service summarizes the information that is collected from customers' Sonicwall appliances for management and information gathering.

    I got the service name wrong. In fact, it is the "SonicWall Universal Management Suite - Reports Database II" service that is experiencing the problem and it is this service that generates the reports with what is collected by the other service above.

    Artur de Souza Aragão

  • Not satisfied, I restarted the server again.
    I noticed that the "SonicWall Universal Management Suite - Reports Database II" service stopped again. I viewed the dlls that asked to rename and new ones were placed in the folders.

    I need support with this.
    I opened support, but I am receiving in the email that I must register my order. I already did.

    Artur de Souza Aragão

  • If you require immediate assistance, I suggest using the regional phone numbers under "For Critical Cases" on the following page. 

    Otherwise, your Support Portal account will need to be approved before you're able to open an email case.

    I suspect the .dll was re-populated due to the Sophos AutoUpdate service and self-repair operations taking place. If you wish to test further, I suggest stopping the AutoUpdate service as well.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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  • Dear,
    We have an incident already recorded pointing to this post. Awaiting resolutions.
    Thank you very much for everyone's kindness and contribution.

    Artur de Souza Aragão

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