Intercept X Advanced - Internet Access Stops Working via Browsers

Hi all,

We have this weird problem what stops any internet access via the browser, but applications such as Outlook / Teams / To Do continue to work, as well as pinging domain names (purely to test internet connection).

I recently figured out that Sophos is the cause, I went into the effected laptop and disabled the settings via 'Admin Sign In'. This has now rectified the issue so I turned them all back on, but the browser is now working again (even though they're back on).

This seems to be happening to the odd few laptops in our business, but now appears to be happening often and making it's way through the business.

Any one else got this issue? We're unsure of the fix in all honesty, seems to fix itself then go again after a week or so.

P.s. Google works, and it's searches but that is it!

Unusual for sure.


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