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SLD Lockdown causes insane slowliness on Windows Server GUI

We notice that Sophos Lockdown is making the Windows GUI terribly slow when it is installed on a Server (Windows Server 2016, 2019).

The Servers are vmware VM.

As example:

searching in the start menu takes 30 seconds until a minute until you see a result

starting powershell is taking 60 seconds or more

When powershell is open it takes 60 seconds or longer until you can enter the first command

The first command is executed after an other one or two minutes.

After some minutes "working" or waiting on the GUI performance improves for already open processes. But loading new programs processes on the GUI are loading  with the same slowliness as described.

While all this is happening, CPU and RAM are more or less idle.

If you do the same things the other day, it is the same again.

If we unlock the server the performance is back normal immediately, even when you use the VM again the next day. When you lockdown again, the problems are back.

This has been monitored for at least a year now. Due to this extreme slowliness we only use SLD on servers that need very little administrative work. The admins would not accept such crappy behaviour.

I'm not aware of anly Lockdown tuning - how can we make the servers usable when it is installed?

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