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PC cannot connect to any wi-fi - Sophos Endpoint is not allowing it.

Hi everyone,

Two PCs in the organization I manage can no longer connect to any wi-fi(office, home or hotspot).

The users reported that the issue started on Thursday 16/06/2022. They were suddenly disconnected from the wi-fi they were connected to, and from tat time could no longer reconnect, or connect to any other wi-fi.

I have reset the wi-fi adapter, and attempted to update(using a LAN cable for internet connection) – but Microsoft reported that the driver is up to date.

However, after i uninstalled Sophos Intercept X Endpoint that was running on both PCs, they could connect to any wi-fi normally as before, but upon re-installation of the Endpoints, the issue came up again.

I formatted one the PCs and reloaded the Operating System. It could connect to wi-fi, but once I installed the Sophos Endpoint, it could no longer connect, - “Can’t connect to this network” is the message displayed after entering the wi-fi password.

I connected a USB wi-fi adapter(manufactured by Realtek) on one of the PCs, nd the PC could connect to wi-fi normally with it.

The PC model is HP 250 G2

OS is Windows 10 Pro

The wi-fi adapter model is QCWB335(written on the adapter card)

The wi-fi manufacturer is Qualcomm Atheros

*But the driver installed for it by Microsoft which had been working is Qualcomm-Atheros-QCA9565, as seen in Device Manager


I am suspecting that that there must have been an update from Sophos that is causing this abnormal behaviour, because all other systems in the organization are working fine right now.

I need help to fix this as soon as possible.


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  • OK, thanks for that, it is a recent version to be released which had updates to the NTP component so that sort of fits why it maybe a new issue.

    It sounds like it's likely to be hardware/driver specific.  The original post detailed the following.

    Model HP 250 G2, Windows 10 Pro and the wi-fi adapter model is QCWB335.  Another USB Wi-Fi adapter was fine.

    Can you detail what make/model/OS and adapter details you have for any computers with this issue? 

    Also, you say "notebook continuosly reboot", is the computer bugchecking, i.e. BSOD? The original post was just about connecting to the Wi-Fi, nothing about the computer crashing.

    Many thanks.