Network Threat Protection: Policies

Hi all,

we're testing Sophis Intercept X Advanced. Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with Sophos and Mozilla Firefox.

But first of all the prerequisites:

  • Windows 10 Pro (21H2 fully patched)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR (v. 98.0.1; default search engine: Google)
  • Google Chrome (v. 99; default search engine: Google)
  • Intercept X Advanced

My default browser is Firefox. Usually I search by entering keywords in the combined URL/search bar. Since Intercept X is installed after a couple of search requests (or after a couple of minutes; not sure if it's a matter of time or of requests) doesn't load any more, if I search for a keyword. Further, links on don't work any more. Though if I enter a valid URL (including the website gets loaded as usual. If I restart Firefox everything including search/google works fine again for another couple of minutes. If I deactivate "Schutz vor Netzwerkbedrohungen" (probably "protection against network threats" in English) in the endpoint settings, everything works fine. This and the fact that we didn't have any issues without Intercept X installed make me believe that Sophos is the reason for the above-mentioned behaviour.

That's why I have two questions:

  1. In the policy of Sophos Central there's no setting called "Schutz vor Netzwerkbedrohungen". That's why I think that this option consists of several settings in the Sophos Central policy. Unfortunately I didn't find any information which settings are part of the "Schutz vor Netzwerkbedrohungen". Does anyone know which settings belong to that kind of protection?
  2. Did anyone else face this issue? If so were you able to resolve it?

Please let me know if you need any further information. And please don't start a discussion about our default browser. That's not part of this thread :-)

Best regards


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