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Sophos Intercept X for Windows: Product architecture changes

For core agents that are not on the 2.20.10 version because they were not enrolled in the EAP, will the new architecture updates still take place starting in February 2022? I feel like I can interpret the KB article two different ways.

  1. Only current customers in the EAP will receive the updated architecture.
  2. Any existing customer will begin to see the changes when they eventually update to the 2.20.10 version through normal updating cycles.

When are these changes due to take place?

  • Customers running the New Endpoint Protection Features Early Access Program will already have these changes.
  • Existing customers (including license renewals) will be migrated to the new architecture over a period of time, starting February 2022.
  • New Sophos Central customers will receive the updated agent in February 2022.

Note: Existing customer devices will only be migrated if on Core Agent 2.20.10 or later. 

I want to make sure I understand the new changes before we start having conversations with our customers as we are an MSSP.

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  • Hi Flatf0ot,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. 

    If you have any devices that are in the EAP, these devices will already be running the new architecture. 

    If your devices are using controlled updating and have not gone through regular update cycles to move Core Agent to 2.20.10, your devices will remain on the old/existing architecture.

    If your device are updating normally with the latest software updates occurring automatically, beginning in February we will start moving customers over to the new architecture in groups. Once the device has updated to Core Agent 2.20.10, this will enable the new architecture to be deployed.
    If you are a new customer joining Sophos after the start-date of the roll-out you will get the newer architecture by default.

    As a side-note, 2.20.10 has not yet been released. Let me know if this clarifies any confusion in the KBA, I'd be happy to help clarify.

    Kushal Lakhan
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  • That's the clarification that I was looking for. Thank you!

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