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Intercept X Advanced for Server -- on SQL server (clustered)


I was planning on installing Intercept X Advanced for Server on our Windows 2016 Standard server, running SQL Server 2016. This server is one of two in an Availability Group Failover Cluster. I only plan on installing Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server on the primary (main) SQL server, not the failover.

I created a custom Threat Protection policy and created all the [many] recommended exceptions from this page:

At the bottom it says:

Considerations for clustering

You can run antivirus software on a SQL Server cluster. However, you must make sure that the antivirus software is a cluster-aware version. Contact your antivirus vendor about cluster-aware versions and interoperability.

Does anyone know if Intercept X Advanced for Server works on clusters? This article says it doesn't matter: -- but it also says it only applies to: Sophos Central Server Protection 10.8.9 --and-- Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.8.9, NOT Intercept X Advanced for Server.

Additionally, does anyone know of anything else to configure in my custom Threat Protection policy for a SQL server?


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