Sophos Endpoint/InterceptX File Scanner Service frequent stop

We use Endpoint/InterceptX and have had the occasional Sophos File Scanner Service stopped issue, but never to the extent we are now. It's been picking up in frequency and today between myself and other IT team member we've had to restart the service almost 20 times today on different Win10 machines

Is there something I can look for this in the logs regarding this. Most if not all of these machines are using a domain account that is fairly limited in permissions, I've been wondering if it could be an update issue?

It's not been a big hassle until now, just going to the machine in question, starting services as a local administrator (can't use domain admin because machines are in isolation) and starting the File Scanner service but if we have to do it 20 times a day, it is kind of a hassle

Thanks for any info, tips, pointers, etc   


Core Agent
Endpoint Advanced
Sophos Intercept X      2.20.23
Managed Threat Response

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