Sophos Cloud: Sophos has released a product update - add information


we're getting this kind of mail for our servers each time Sophos released something new.

The problem is: we don't know what you changed. It's not even possible to identify if this update was for Linux Server or Windows Servers. So this mail is quite useless and is forcing us to search and eventually find what you've changed.

My I ask you to implement some details about the new Component an Server OS to the mails?

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Gesendet: Freitag, 19. November 2021 01:07
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Betreff: Sophos Cloud: Sophos has released a product update

This email alert was generated by Sophos Central. Do not reply to this email.
Sophos Central Event Details for my company
What happened: Sophos has released a product update
What Sophos has done so far: You have chosen to control product updates manually, so no servers have been updated automatically.
What you need to do: In Sophos Central, go to the page where you control updates ( and start to update your servers. The older version will expire in 90 days and any servers still using it will be updated to the next version automatically.



your release notes page is also not helpful here. Lacking release date information is the biggest complaint here.

the other is the need to search the needle in all the hay... different products. Better would be to pick a release date from a time line and then see which components have been updated and then click to see the changes.

added info to release notes
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