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Particular file extensions needs to be monitored

Particular file extensions needs to be monitored

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  • Hello Deepak,

    It's not possible to block specific file extensions on a device using Sophos AV. The closest thing available would be "Data Loss Prevention" however, there are some limitations to this, as it's not built for the purpose you have in mind. 

    DLP may work if you're looking to prevent files with a specific extension from being transferred around on a device or transferred to other devices. If you're looking to block a specific file extension entirely from being present on a device, this may not be possible. 

    I can see some similar requests posted on our Sophos Ideas page. If you would like to see this implemented in future versions of Sophos AV, I recommend submitting your vote to increase visibility on these requests. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Global Community Support Engineer
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  • If someone is transferring a particular extension file to other system which have Sophos too. It should be logged or blocked.