Intercept X and Browsers Access violation

Hello Everyone

We have the following problem with intercept X and Internet browsers. Every time the OS is making a windows update when we open the browsers no matter who we open the error is random we get an access violation error "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" and we cannot open sites with the browser. It is happening to all the browsers EDGE, Chrome except from Firefox.

To repair the issue we go the directory of the browser and rename the .exe file for example chrome.exe to gchrome.exe.

But when the OS makes another update we get the same error again.

After some investigation we did on those pcs we found out the they were all running the Intercept X antivirus software. 

So we removed the Sophos antivirus from the devices and don't get this error any more, but this is not the solution we need the antivirus on the devices.

Can you please inform us what we can do to fix this problem. 

Thank you

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