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SATC functionality in Intercept X for Server

I have received answer from Sophos Commerce that the EOL SATC functionality is now included in Intercept X for Server and will be rolled out to different users in phases as of July 1th.

Is there a document outlining the chances in Intercept X?



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  • After the rollout happend, which is not on 01.07, instead the rollout phase will take more time (staging etc.).


  • Thanks again LuCar Toni, 

    Will there be an announcement when it is released? Which version of Intercept X to look for?

  • Today I received the announcement of the new Intercept X for server XDR that as of next week it will be rolled out. That will hopefully solve the SATC issue.

    In my STAS test setup for workstation proxy access for known users I am still having occassional random categrory blocks due to AD STAS performance issues even with the setting enabled to allow connectivity during identity probe. Can Intercept X with XDR for workstations also be used to match known users to replace also STAS?



  • Central shows Intercept X for server now as the XDR version. So I set the register keys for adding Satc to Intercept X on the RDS, then restarted. Via the XG console I added the IP of the RDS. 

    Live connections on the XG still show as STAS and not as Thin Client. Log viewer under authentication shows the user succesfull authenticated to the XG firewall tru AD with CTA as Auth Cliënt from the RDS.

    Still when using the XG as web proxy or direct internet acces I get the login portal. 

  • The SATC replacement is not done. And you need to exclude the SATC Server from STAS. 


  • Is this done yet? If not when can we expect it and where will Sophos notify everyone?

  • I have not noticed any change yet. Having the future release number tto look for hat includes the SATC functionality would help.

    Current versions running are:

    Licensed Assigned Version
     Core Agent 2.18.2
     Sophos Intercept X 2.0.20
     Server Protection
  • As far as i know, the Core agent 2.19.x includes the SATC replacement. 


  • Does it means for SATC we will have to use Intercept X along with the  XG firewall to protect RDP/Thin-Client, actually, this is not an acceptable solution from sophos, because we have purchased Sophos XG firewall and there is another endpoint security solution, we deployed, why should sophos force user to buy another product, they should provide solution within the XG Firewall only, without forcing users to buy another their product.

    As Sophos XG is an independent product, further solution has to be within product line only, user shouldn’t be forced to buy another product when they have alternative end-point products like Symantec, Mcafee, Bitdefender working in their network.

  • You should discuss this with your local Sophos sales rep to get a solution.