Cant Install Intercept X because another Antivirus is installed.


Currently deploying Intercept X in our environment and have been hit with a bit of a road block.

All clients have had their previous antivirus uninstalled using the same method. While deploying Intercept X on a few remaining clients the installer is failing. I have verified that the old antivirus is completely removed and even ran the manual uninstall tool that is provided. The Sophos logs show the following when attempting to install Intercept X:

28 Jun 2021 13:35:38 Info: Log to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\avremove.log
28 Jun 2021 13:35:38 Info: Default system language: en_US
28 Jun 2021 13:35:38 Info: Default character encoding: cp1252
28 Jun 2021 13:35:38 Info: Operating system is 64-bit: True
28 Jun 2021 13:35:38 Info: Detected Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Agent version 7.x
28 Jun 2021 13:35:39 Info: ==============================================
28 Jun 2021 13:35:39 Failure: There were products detected, but some cannot be removed by this version of the tool
28 Jun 2021 13:35:41 Info: Known publishers list contains 41 entries
28 Jun 2021 13:35:43 Info: Result of calling SubmitTelem: {"ErrorCode":0,"StatusCode":200}
Sophos Anti-Virus software detector - Version

I will give the Sophos the benefit of the doubt for the moment and go by the logs. However, there is no trace on my side of this version of Trend Micro being installed on the client (I've looked). Does anyone know where in the Sophos logs that might point to the paths of where it detected the old antivirus is installed? Any other suggestions are more than welcomed as this is where Sophos Support team keeping saying "uninstall the old antivirus.", but I that isn't an available option as it doesn't exist.