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Mac OS 12 Monterey


just to be sure because the new MacOS Monterey will be released this year, is there a roadmap that Sophos will be compatible with the coming OS (in time)?

Will be a EAP available for the MSP Partners ?

Thanks and Regards


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  • Phil,

    We have started initial testing with Monterey and it looks like we should be able to support it at GA. It looks like it is an evolution of Big Sur rather than the revolution that Big Sur was. 

    We have changed EAPs now so that MSP customers have access to them provided it does not add licensed features, clearly, the previous BIG Sur EAP and the current M1 EAP do not and so access is available.

    At this stage we may not need to do an EAP for Monterey, we wouldn't normally do an EAP for a new macOS variant but did for Big Sur due to the scale of the change.


  • Hi Darren,

    We need a supported version of Sophos before the release of Monterey. Sophos wasn't ready for Big Sur and Apple Silicon for months this has damaged the position of Sophos for Mac environments.

    I'm currently running Beta 2 and Sophos is a real pain. System is flooded with Crash Reports for SophosDeviceControlD. I've created the diagnose file:

    Sending out a supported version for Monterey after the GA release would be really bad.

  • Martin,

    As stated above we are testing with Monterey right now but we do not intend to officially support it until it is GA, this is because Apple has a habit of changing things at the last minute. We should not have to rely on a new release of our endpoint product post-Monterey GA in order to support it, all being well.

    Also, remember that we will have an Application control identity to prevent users from upgrading to Monterey if you need to use it.


  • But that can't be the solution, to follow the same difficult and unsuccessful path as Big Sur.A developer company of its size should be able to react to short-term changes from Apple and offer a reasonably functioning and stable version of its virus scanner on release day. Or do I see this wrong?

  • I still would like to see an EAP before the launch so we can give you feedback.

  • Maybe I didn't describe it very well but what you suggest is exactly what we do and have done for the last 10+ years, for "on release day" we take that as Apple's GA and not any early or beta version they may release. Usually, our product will work, albeit with some minor glitches (often UI related) with the early versions but we don't offer official support until Apple GA's due to the changes they often make late in the day.

    I'll say it again just in case....we intend to have support for Monterey when it GA's.

    Big Sur was an exception due to the scale of the changes made, we do not forsee the same issues with Monterey.

  • Thanks Darren, we hope that will come true!

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