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Intercept X in VDI environment

we are running in a vmware horizon VDI environment and have noticed that performance of our linked clones is very poor for the first 10-15 minutes of boot time (sometimes longer).   As an experiment I created a VDI pool exactly like my production one but without Intercept X installed (no Sophos actually) and performance was great!

when I go back to the production pool, on startup of the linked clones - I see that Sophos is using as much of the processor and ram it can get its hands on.  Which causes other services (printer install, document management, etc...) to either fail or get pushed so low, that it doesn't load correctly.

I have thrown just about everything I can think of at the issue shy of giving my VDI system a bunch more cores to process on (currently 4 cores per linked clone) and 8 gigs ram.   Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas.

By the way I did the same experiments on desktops - I did see poor boot times with Sophos on spindle based hard drives on same models of desktop hardware.  SSD drives performed great, spindle drives very slow boot times.


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