ActiveX Control plugin for IE causing locking up

We use WebVideoActiveX Control plugin on IE for our CCTV systems web portals.

Since installing Sophos Endpoint, trying to do anything on the web portals is causing massive browser lockup and can take a long time to load.

Is there anything i can do to get this back to working normally? 

  • It really depends on how the plugin works.  Is this Windows 10?  Have you tried adding a website exclusion (global settings) for Sometimes these plugins communicate with the browser over loopback.  Is this a cloud service or a local address the browser is connecting to?  In the same exclusion place, you can add the IP of the intranet address.  That will take web protection/control out of the equation for that site.

  • This is for Windows 10. We have about 50 CCTV systems in the company, they are local addresses to each site. 

    I'll try adding one to the exclusions list, was hoping to not have to do this as there are so many, but if it's the only way then so be it.

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