Sophos file scanner did not start

Good Day

For a few months now there has been an issue with 2 of our servers. The file scanner service has stopped working for some reason. I done some research and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Sophos agent, it worked for a month but now its not working again. I then logged a case with support who said that a few of the sophos endpoints were unavailable during an update:


2021-01-12T11:07:42.531Z [16888:16712] [v6.6.386.0] WARN  Failed to get the automatic proxy configuration. The error code was 12180.
2021-01-12T11:07:42.531Z [16888:22168] [v6.6.386.0] INFO  Trying update location: with proxy: <direct; no proxy>
2021-01-12T11:07:42.692Z [16888:22168] [v6.6.386.0] INFO  404 from location: with proxy: <direct; no proxy>
2021-01-12T11:07:42.694Z [16888:22168] [v6.6.386.0] INFO  Trying update location: with proxy: <direct; no proxy>

During this communication with support the services started working again, however this morning this morning it stopped again but this time the case has been closed.

Any advice?

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