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Endpoint protection blocking local server... why?

I've seen this problem before and now I am facing it again. I had to completely uninstall endpoint protection in order to access a local ubuntu virtual server I recently turned up via ping, ssh, https, or webmin (port10000). When the server was created on the local network I was able to access it for about 48 hours and then nothing. The nothing part is what bothers me. I could access the server from my UTM or any other device that did not have endpoint protection installed. I still can, in fact. But on desktops or servers with the endpoint installed, no luck. Worst of all, I can't find anywhere a log entry being made regarding the attempt to access an apparently forbidden ip address. I've tried disabling the endpoint but that is as frustrating as no log data. Much easier to just delete the damn thing to confirm it is the issue.

When this sort of problem occurs where am I supposed to go to find the root cause so I can address it?

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