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How often does sophos release an agent or component update?

I need to know how often does sophos release an agent or component update because I dont want to enable controlled updates to have all my servers up to date but i can't restart my servers very often, 

 If a server get an update today how much time have to restart the server without compromise the security and integrity of the agents 

I'll be gratefull if anyone of sophos Team could help me 

  • The release notes might be useful here:

    Release Notes - Endpoint Release Notes (

    For example, under: Sophos release notes you can see that a reboot is required or not for a release.

    It depends a little on the components installed.  Do you have InterceptX, i.e. the HMPA exploit mitigation component?  If so the hmpalert.sys driver, if updated with require a restart to load the new version.  For the Core agent updates, e.g. sophosed.sys changes, this will be a reboot.

    Now these new files will be copied into place on the next restart so you don't have to restart immediately but you will be running the previous driver until you do.  Depending on the update, it could be bugfixes or security related.  If you're affected by a bug that is fixed you will probably want to restart if you don't have an issue then no immediate need.

    The product maintains protection without rebooting, you might just get more if you do.  Hard to answer this definitively.