EAP clarifications and what to do in a "set & forget" approach?


I'm trying to understand details about EAP.

From Central console I'm pointed to this link outdate page (https://community.sophos.com/intercept-x-endpoint/early-access-program/b/blog/posts/new-endpoint-server-protection-and-edr-features-early-access-program) and from there to a blog page with more recent news (community.sophos.com/.../blog) and then we have this page (community.sophos.com/.../) with some other news. 

May I suggest to update the first linked page in order to help understand and summarize what's new in EAP and what is promoted from EAP to the main release and the forthcoming roadmap?

I put some endpoints in EAP more than one year ago since I was interested in announced "improved endpoint self-repair feature" and AMSI features. Now I guess these features have been released in the meantime and I wonder if it's still relevant for me to have endpoints in EAP or not.

Maybe this is a stupid question but I'm also asking a general opinion on whether EAP is stable enough to be rolled out to everyone. We don't have a lot of time to dedicate to Sophos management and I'm interested in understanding if in general it's better to have the best protection offered by EAP versions or if EAP requires too much attention and it's better to stay with more stable versions, having the need to keep a mostly "set & forget" approach.

Thank you