New Sophos EDR Linux SLES 15.1/15.2 OS unknown

The sophos Linux EDR lists Suse linux enterprise 15.1/15.2 as unknown os, yet SLES12.5 is properly listed.

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  • That's strange because it's already installed:
    rpm -qa |grep libcap

    But to be fair, I did install it after I installed Sophos but before it downloaded any updates, so maybe something got missed.  I'll try re-registering one of the systems and see if that works.

    EditL No luck.

  • You are correct.  libcap is required for the AV module.  Far as I know they still don't detect the sles15 os variants.

    If enough of us open tickets they may fix it, but I think this will all get replaced with the capsul8 tech they acquired earlier in the year.