Interesting Issue after Most recent EAP Endpoint update...

When my Windows 10 Enterprise (Build 1909, all patches) system was updated with the most recent endpoint client update (EAP), the message that was displayed by the windows message center to tell me to reboot to take advantage to the update appeared to be displaying program variables or placeholders instead of a proper message.  I did not get a screencap of that, but if you look at the attached screenshot of the events list for this machine, you can see the exact text that was displayed.  Not a major issue, and maybe it's a one-off thing, but if not, hopefully this can be rectified so rank and file users will better understand what is being asked of them with this new windows alerting integration.


  • I also see it and I've had a quick look:

    I see that the strings in the UI come from: "C:\Program Files\Sophos\Sophos UI\Events\", for English, the file: "Events.en-us.json". 

    Given the most recent message in that "collection" is: "The computer has been restarted", this text is from this lookup:

    "health.system.restarted": "The computer has been restarted"

    It seems there is a missing item for "" in that file. 

    As for the component that created the message, if I look in my trails directory: "C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Health\Event Store\Trail\". 

    I do find a JSON file, where the "app" is "HMPA" and the message is "". 

    In the same directory I see another trail where AutoUpdate (SAU) has requested a restart, that is "events.sau.install.rebootoptional". 

    In the JSON file mentioned above I do see:

    "events.sau.install.rebootoptional": "Updates will complete when you restart. Meanwhile, your computer is still protected",
    "events.sau.install.rebootrequired": "Software update requires a restart",

    So that would resolve to a friendly message.  I guess, without changing HMPA, there should be an item in the JSON such as:

    "": "Reboot!"


  • I figured it was something like this; they just need to update the clients so they show proper user messages.  

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