Invalid digital signature for SophosED.sys

Hi. We joined to the EAP on Apr 14th. It all ran fine until today. After shutting down all the computers, today they didn't boot. Windows was complaining about an invalid digital signature on SophosED.sys.

Only until we disabled the driver signature enforcement we were able to boot again those machines.

We rolled back to 2.6.0 and everything went smooth.

Here the versions currently running on the computers.


Sophos Anti-Virus
Sophos AutoUpdate
Sophos Clean
Sophos Endpoint Defense
Sophos Endpoint Firewall
Sophos Endpoint UI 1.7.957.0
Sophos File Scanner
Sophos Health
Sophos HitmanPro Alert
Sophos Live Query (64-bit)
Sophos Machine Learning Engine 1.5.3
Sophos Management Communications System
Sophos Network Threat Protection
Sophos Self Help Tool
Sophos Standalone Engine 1.5.10
Sophos Threat Detection Engine
Sophos Uninstaller



as reported by Central.

I'm not sure if something was wrong with yesterday updates.

We can try to get a SDU from this computers if required.


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  • I guess. But the thing is, we installed the EAP on nearly 20 machines and all of them experienced this on that day. After that, we had to boot without the signature validation on windows (and having to do physically that under quarantine was a problem), and then definitely rolled back to the stable version.

    We ran SDU from Central on some computers back on that day. Let me check if we can find them, and will send information of it to interceptbeta.