Why does the new setting prevent wireless connections?

Why does the new setting prevent wireless connections? I deployed on a test group of Surfaces and all of them lost network as soon as Sophos updated. Sophos said it needed a reboot but even after the reboot the wireless was unable to connect. Multiple wireless connection and hotspot all failed to connect until a wired connection was provided to remove the 2.5 beta core. After Sophos was rolled back wireless connections were able to connect.

  • Called into support. I was told that there are others who have reported that this early access setting prevents connections on wifi. If you need wifi don't put this new product on your computer. 

  • Hi Matthew,

    Unfortunately we found that in some cases IPS will indeed cause issues with the wireless connection. You can remove the device from the EAP. If you want to continue to test AMSI, you can simply disable IPS in Central by unchecking the setting "Prevent malicious network traffic with packet inspection".

    The problem does occur only in certain cases, and we are trying to understand why it happens. So any SDU logs are appreciated.