BIG SUR EAP: Features NOT supported in this EAP


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The EAP is currently updating to version 10.0.3.

Some Features/Elements of the endpoint software are NOT supported in this EAP (version 10.0.2) and may not work or may present incorrect information.

The following are NOT SUPPORTED:

  • RCAs/Threat Cases
    • They may generate but might have incorrect information in them. Please disregard all RCAs/Threat Cases generated from an EAP endpoint
  • Synchronized App Control
    • Will not work for Big Sur endpoints as CIM messages are unable to be sent to XG
  • Allowed sites/exclusions from Web Protection/Web Control

If you encounter an issue with one of these elements, you can report it if you wish, but be aware that full proper function is not expected in this EAP.

updated to 10.0.3
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