BIG SUR EAP: Features Supported in this EAP


The EAP is currently updating to version 10.0.3. In this version, all elements of the endpoint software are supported.

Please review the list below for the Endpoint Features/Elements that are supported EAP version 10.0.2:

  • File Scanning, including App Control
  • CryptoGuard
  • Web Protection (content/download scanning)
  • Web Control
  • Device Control
  • MTD Detection
  • Heartbeat
  • EDR
    • Live Discover
    • Live Response
  • MTR
  • Update Cache, Message Relays
  • Apple M1 Hardware using Rosetta 2

These are the elements that this EAP software should work in all instances. If you encounter an issue with one of these features - please create a post in the Discussions forum.

updating to 10.0.3 build
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