macOS 11 Big Sur - "4D" Database access error

Dear Support,

we are using EAP on MacOS Big Sur : all was fine for us. Since two weeks ago we cannot access to our application Database "4D".

To find the options who create the error to access to our 4D DataBase : we created policies to bypass "ALL" security modules and it's running fine!

After that we tried to enable module by module to determine which options could create the error, and we are surprise to discover we have the error as soon as we activate one of them.

For exemple we activate ony the peripheral control "Monitor but do not block" and we are not abble to access to our database

What is the link with the peripheral control...?!

Thanks for your update.


  • Hi,

    we're facing the same problem here with InterceptX (EAP 10.0.3) and 4D database system. Not sure exactly when the problem really showed up, but we think it might be related to 11.2.1 or 11.2.1 supplemental update.

    Since we couldn't figure out what to disable in InterceptX, as we can't find any log or event or error message, neither in client, nor in the web console, that would point to what policy or setting blocks the communication between the 4D and the 4D server, we finally gave up and uninstalled InterceptX on the machines that require 4D.

    Thankfully that was only a handful of machines.

    One thing we noticed, we had one machine with 11.2.1 and InterceptX but where the extension had not been activated in the System Preferences - Privacy and Security settings (i.e. the message to approve it was still showing up). With that config obviously InterceptX showed a RED message telling it was not active.
    But in this specific scenario, 4D was still working. Once we activated the extension in the System Preferences 4D stopped working.

    If you could us to a log file location where we could find a log entry to helps figure out what the cause the problem is, that would be nice.

    Many thanks in advance,


  • We are experiencing problems with 4D and Mac OS Big Sur. We have a custom, non-built application. When we open files that are located on our Synology NAS they open as write-protected. We opened a case with 4D and I have a lot of back and forth with them. Too much to share on here. I have another ticket open with Sophos for Adobe InDesign files that open READ-ONLY from our NAS. For the Adobe problem we have a policy that has Cryptoguard disabled. For 4D, we either have to open the file locally or uninstall Sophos. here is the thread I started for InDesign: Sophos latest response was about OPLOCK: 

    Hello Jeff,

    This seems like an InDesign issue and should be brought up with their support team.

    Our investigation suggests that InDesign is likely not waiting for OPLOCK to be released on a file before opening it, hence it can only work in read-only mode.

    Cryptoguard may be incidentally adding additional wait time before OPLOCK is released by the system, since we're touching the file, but we're not directly affecting InDesign's file access logic at all.

    Most applications check the OPLOCK status and wait until they have write access before opening a file.


    Ian Diminie 
    Sophos Technical Support Escalations