10.0.3 "Sophos Network Extension" process using 150% CPU

My computer updated to macOS 11.2.1 yesterday and everything seemed fine, then Sophos updated from 10.0.2 to 10.0.3 early this morning. Since the Sophos update, my computer has been experiencing random network data loss. For instance, Microsoft Teams keeps disconnecting, web pages fail to load, etc. These usually only last less than 10 seconds each, but their frequency creates a very high level of frustration.

I noticed that for very long stretches of time (20minutes or more), the Sophos Network Extension is running at 150% CPU usage.

I have all of the components configured to start and I have been running the EAP successfully since the beginning of the program. Today, I had to remove it. The network stability blips and the increased laptop fan usage caused by the high cpu process was too much.

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  • I assure you we wouldn't release untested code. The intention behind the EAP is to allow customers to test the features in their environment and provide real-world feedback on environments and configurations that we otherwise might be unable to test. In the case of this network extension issue, there is a clear indication of the cause in the SDUs the community has provided and we have been able to use that knowledge to reproduce in-house. The team is hard at work on implementing and testing fix and with the GA release dates imminent, rollout starting on the 23rd, it made sense to target that rather than delay any further. The GA version will be being released to both EAP and GA lines together so no action is required to get the update.

  • Hmmm. Still waiting on an update that doesn't cripple the network connections of fill the RAM/hard drive. Any news?