10.0.3 Update - SophosScanD stopped

Immediately after an autoupdate installed 10.0.3, SophosScanD is now no longer able to run.   When I run the diagnostic tool, it says the System Extensions "Sophos Can Extension" and "Sophos Network Extension" aren't met, but under privacy settings all Sophos services and extensions are checked.

  • Confirming the findings of others with SophosScanD not running:

    Just got my first device enrolled in the EAP today and updated Sophos Endpoint on it.

    Pushing separate configuration profiles via Jamf, one with the Privacy Preferences set per our Catalina installs, and one with the system extensions per the Big Sur kbase article with the two extensions added.

    Sophos window opens from the menu bar but displays a message that some Sophos services are not running, and opening Endpoint itself confirms that SophosScanD is not running.

    Running systemextensionsctl list gives the same output that Sam shared.

  • Hi Beth,

    For Big Sur, there should be the usual Full Disk Access in Privacy, but in initial Security and Privacy Tab, bottom right corner, click Advanced, did you find two extensions there to click to allow as well?

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