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Sophos Antivirus for Linux - Multithread for On-demand Scan and NamedScans


I need to scan a large amount of data (nearly 200 TeraBytes) localized in a specific path, in a minimum time, on a big 96 Core machine with big performance stockage installed especially for this purpose.

I am trying Sophos Antivirus 9 for Linux, the latest version available for Linux.

I tried many differents scan methods, but  Sophos is always using just one thread, and so performance is very bad.

I tried savcan > no way to configure any multithread option.

I tried NamedScans with savconfig and savd/savscand because of MultiThreading options.

Sophos is using only 1 thread  for each NamedScans, even if i configure multiple "include" value

Is there any method to scan with Sophos using many core at a time for a defined path ?

I tried other Antivirus like McAfee, ClamAv, Dr.Web .... and all other are using all Core to perform scan

My benchmark for a 2To amount of data in 1 400 000 files is :

McAfee : ~ 45min

ClamAv : ~ 30min

Dr.Web : ~ 35 min

Sophos : ~ 15 hours

Thanks for your help.

Have a nice day

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  • Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux is retiring next year, so you should look to migrate to Sophos Protection for Linux (Linux Agent in Central). (Also SAV Free has been retired for a while now).

    However avscanner (The command-line scanner for SSPL) also scans things one-at-a-time, since most customers do not want AV scanning to take their entire system resources.

    Probably the easiest way to parallelize your scanning is to split up the fileset, and run multiple avscanner commands. 

    If you want parallel avscanner, then I'd suggest raising it as a feature request with Product Management, via Support, since we haven't had customer demand raised for it.