Security Roles

Hi All,

I wanted to remove the person from the help desk officer role but unable to do so through the security officer role currently.

Please suggest whether I have to be logged in through Master Security Officer user or if I am logged in through Security officer is fine?

If the Security officer role is fine, please let me know the process to remove the person from the helpdesk officer role.

  • I normally do this with the mainmso account, but it does depend on how your accounts have been setup originally and with what rights. 

    You should be able to see Security Officers on the left. Select this, and then find your user and deselect the Helpdesk role. 

    You could also prevent the user having access to the particular domain too - This is under Users and Computers. Select the root of the domain and select the Access tab. Change this to Denied.

    Hope this helps a little?