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Encryption install kills WiFi Driver on laptops

Hello -

Has this happened to anyone else? I set up a new laptop with all the necessary software and am about to ship it out to the user. Installing safeguard is usually the final step, which normally runs fine, but lately I've seen an uptick in incidents where upon reboot, the wifi driver is trashed. I know it's happening when I can't get a login screen to appear without plugging in an ethernet cable to the machine. Efforts to remove/reinstall the driver have failed. This is happening to machines with an Intel 7265 series wireless module, latest drivers installed (v

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  • I have seen this on Dell XPS - not Sophos SafeGuard at fault though, and I'm not sure how it could be? We've had to install the drivers for WiFi with the Admin command prompt method (Shift + F10, or Function + Shift + F10) and then install the drivers from there - installing from a USB stick. I'm not sure if Dell have now rectified this - or indeed you have a Dell and it's the same issue, but this was the Killer WiFi driver as I recall?

  • Thanks for the reply, Michael. I'm blaming safeguard because it is a consistent and reproducible issue which only occurs immediately after installing safeguard.

    We are a Lenovo shop with Win7x64 installed across the board (I know, I know. We have legacy software that requires IE9). The bulk of our laptops consist of T400 series machines (440,450,460 and their "s" variants).

    Regarding your tip, the intel driver installer (version 21.40.5, obtained from Intel directly) is either an .inf file which can be pointed to by the baked in Windows driver installer (for a driver only install) or for a full software suite (Proset, etc.) exe or msi package. Are you saying I should run the full installer as an administrator? Wouldn't running it while logged in as an administrator (what we've been trying) accomplish the same thing?

  • What version of SafeGuard client are you using Tom? I was referring to Win10 sadly, not Win7 - I'm not sure if the same issue affects WIn7 in the same way it did with Win10.I personally avoid using the full suite for drivers were possible - preferring just the "naked" driver to get things working. You're going to find support a challenge though with Win7 as I know you'll be aware.... 

    I think you'll need 8.1 of the client for Win7 support, I don't believe the native 8.3 does support Win7?

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