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Help for VoIP PPoE Configuration

Hi everyone

We have a Cyberoam Firewall CR25ING and we need to configure a WAN port with the following parameters given to us, for a VoIP 3CX. 

Username: XXXXXXX
Password: XXXXXXX
Indirizzo IP: XX.XXX.XX.XXX
Protocol: PPPoE
Encapsulation: LLC
User vLan: 835
Secondary DNS: XX.XXX.XXX.X
Anyway, I wasn't able to configure some parameters, such as "Encapsulation", "User vLan" and "DNS", since we haven't even found them. 
Could you help us complete this configuration? 
Thank you very much

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    Hi , Thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    You can add a VLAN tag in CROS PPPoE configuration by trying to add a VLAN and select your interface and zone.

    You can also set your preferred IP address as well but there's no option available to add DNS as these configurations are usually pushed by PPPoE gateway/server.