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Functionality after 31st March


We're due to replace our customer's Cyberoam Devices shortly.

What functionality will stop on 31st March? Will VPN continue to function?


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    Hi, Thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    VPNs will continue to function but there won't be advanced support to them.

    Cyberoam hardware appliance will continue to function but only with very limited capabilities:

    • URL categorization and web policies will no longer function
    • Pattern updates will no longer be received but IPS, AV, and App services will continue to function (except on the 10iNG) with prior patterns unless the device is RESET in which case a signature pack won’t be downloaded and these services will no longer function
    • Subscriptions continue to remain active until the expiry
    • VM devices will be deactivated after 30 days
    • License migration to SFOS will no longer work seamlessly
    • SFOS running on a CR device will continue to work but isn’t supported.