ICYMI: Sophos Community October 2023 Recap

Hi Everyone, 
Take a moment to catch up on the latest blogs, releases, and other announcements shared on the Sophos Community in October. 

We've shared numerous release notes and announcements about our Sophos products in the previous month. Be sure to stay updated on the following: 

Meanwhile, here are some Sophos Community Recommended Reads you don’t want to miss: 

Last month, we were also excited to announce the pre-release of Sophos Firewall V20. Have you caught up on the SFOS v20 demo videos by Sophos Techvids? If not, here’s a quick recap:  

Our Sophos Techvids team is on a roll. Here are other video releases they made last October. Make sure to watch for some useful information:  

And lastly, onto the fun stuff! Congratulations to the Top Sophos Contributors CY23 Q3! We appreciate all your invaluable contributions.  

Get to know one of the Sophos Community team members, Erick Villanueva in this month’s Sophos Community Staff Spotlight: Erick Villanueva.  

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