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Blocking Tiktok via Firewall Application Control and Endpoint Application and Web policies

Defense contractors and others with government contracts are now required to block access to TikTok.  We have a number of customers that fit into this category.

Sophos has long had as an available application to block in SF, even in the last couple of days. As of today, now it can be found in the application Filter as TikTok instead of Same thing, different name.  Not sure why it was called in the first place. but now it's much more clear.

My employer sent me a firewall for my home-office as I'm remote. since I'm trying to resolve this for our customers, I'm applying it to myself. I created a new Application filter named Block level 5 and TikTok.  I added TikTok Deny Always..

Here I have the Application Control applied to my LAN to WAN rule.

And Here is TikTok running on Windows just fine.

Sophos endpoint will block the website easily enough. I've actually added all the IP addresses, subnets, and FQDNs from the Netify page and from SonicWall's document for blocking TikTok.  Here you can see a Web policy (which works) and a Application control policy for BlueStacks.  There is no application control for TikTok or Windows Subsystem for Android.

It still runs. Packet Capture shows traffic to an IP that resolves as an Akamai server.  Akamai serves a lot of streaming media so we can't just block them.

TikTok is like some crazy virus that works around every effort to block it.  

Support on ticket 06916584  wants me to submit the executables to Sophos, but not understanding the Microsoft Store doesn't do exe files like the olden days of Windows.  Now they are packaged in a different way now and are placed in a folder inaccessible, even to local admin.  Unless one wishes to take ownership from Trusted Installer and see what happens for C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\.

BlueStacks is another Android emulator and that's why the Application control policy for it.  Does nothing to stop BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X from loading but looks pretty in Central.

How do we stop this scourge?



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  • Hello David,

    Thank you for confirming about TikTok. For Bluestacks, our team is already working on it. We suspect that the existing version of Bluestack, which is currently available under the App control data base isn’t up to date, which is causing the Bluestacks to still run even after adding the app to block list. Our engineer will keep you posted via the support case you've raised for the update. 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
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  • Guess CapCut is on the list already. And it's successfully blocked when I try to run it.

    Have an Apple MacBook coming so I can make sure endpoint does the same there.

    Getting an APN MDM cert setup in Intune so we can register an iPad to test the various ByteDance apps, including TikTok.  If it works like it does with Android, I'll be building out in Sophos Mobile.

    Looks like there is some integration between Intune and Sophos Mobile.  Even though I took the Sophos Mobile training, I recall nothing about that.

    With regards,

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  • Hi Glenn,

    basically what Sophos is advising in reality is I need end point installed on my home devices? Not sure if that is practical or even available for home users?


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