Sophos and Intel Atom CPUs

You may have heard some of the news circulating on product quality issues with Intel’s Atom C2000 series chips. Sophos uses Intel Atom C2000 processors in a small subset of XG and SG-series hardware, specifically the XG/SG 125 and XG/SG 135 models (all variants).  We are working closely with Intel to determine the extent to which Sophos products may or may not be affected by the Atom C2000 issue. If deployed XG/SG 125 or XG/SG 135 hardware fails to boot (the symptom of the reported Intel problem), please notify Sophos customer support.  To date, Sophos has seen low failure rates with hardware containing the Atom C2000 chip.  Rest assured that Sophos stands behind all our products and will correct hardware issues that may arise as a result of Intel’s Atom C2000 processor. 

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    will customers with affected devices be informed proactively and will sophos exchange the devices before they will fail? We have lots of SG125/135 active and Im interested, how Sophos will handle this.

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  • Update: We continue to work with Intel to determine the extent to which our use of the Atom processor C2000 product family could be affected by Intel’s recently-announced defect.  Once our investigation and analysis with Intel is complete, we will update this site with recommended actions (if any) to maintain the performance of your Sophos network security hardware.  In the meantime, we continue to see very low failure rates among our systems running the Intel Atom processor C2000 product family.  As always, if any system fails to boot (the symptom of Intel’s processor defect), please contact Sophos customer support immediately so that we may correct any issue.

  • AlanT: Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • Hey Any updates on the situation, i am looking to purchase an xg 125 appliance. If there are possibilities of any problems in the future i rather not purchase. Unless new revisions don't use the C2000 Processors

  • As far as I know, Tom, this only affects the Rev.1 version of the 125/135, not the Rev.2 version currently being sold.

    Alan, can you confirm that for us?  I've had one client fall victim to this and have three others that are exposed and I'm trying to get them to get a second unit for Hot-Standby.  Is Sophos working with Intel and the appliance's manufacturer on a plan to offer such units at a very attractive price?  Sophos should easily know who's eligible by the serial number in the license.

    Cheers - Bob

  • I would appreciate a statement to Bob´s last post. Up to  now, we already had 3 replacements (regarding this issue) of SG125/SG135 from a total of ~40 devices, we are managing. All of these devices are Rev1......

    How long will it probably take to complete the investigations with Intel?