Block iOS Updates


we have a customer who wants to disable iOS updates by default and only wants to force the update when the developer of the company permit it.
The customer doesn't use SMC at the moment and would use the newest version if he decides to buy it.

I could not find an option for blocking the update in the administration manual and could only find this 2y old post regarding the topic:

Since we can now force an update I hope that we can also block it.

Can you help me with this?


  • this would be nice however i suspect that apple would not allow this to happen on the devices, however if they use internal network you can make a dns change so that resolves to an unknown IP so that devices connected to the network cannot get to the updating server.

  • I think there is this option to automatically block iOS updates by jailbreaking and installing an app from Cydia ( ) or use NessTool like VPN which blocks apple servers to communicate with your device.

  • I agree with Charles. You can download Apple server blockers . There are quite a few , but you dont need to jailbreak your iPhone. TweakBox and TutuApp have these kind of apps in them 

    1. Open Settings and go to “General”
    2. Choose “Storage & iCloud Usage”
    3. Go to “Manage Storage”
    4. Locate the iOS software update that is nagging you and tap on it.
    5. Tap on “Delete Update” and confirm that you want to delete the update*

    Thats about it. 

  • Tap Settings >Tap iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Turn Off  Updates 

  • you can now use a restrictions profile to block ios updates for upto 90 days after release.

  • You can turn off automatic updates from Settings. Go to Settings >Tap iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Turn Off  Updates