I am getting this error code: e03d0056 using Sophos Enterprise Console version 5.4.0 on a few of our Sophos managed computers. I ask this because when I click on the corresponding link under the Computer Details screen, I get this: Your search - sav - e03d0056 site:www.sophos.com/en-US/support/knowledgebase - did not match any documents. No pages were found containing "sav - e03d0056 site:www.sophos.com/en-US/support/knowledgebase". Under the Scanning errors column, it shows, "; The on-access driver failed to determine the name for a file. [0xe03d0056]". What I am hoping for is information that provides: where to look, what it is, what could be causing it, the importance, or a possible solution.
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    please see the Scanning error message thread. 


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    I have looked at the other post and don't see the correlation. I'm having this pop up on around 60 machines and I'm just trying to tidy up our console. Can you elaborate on how we resolve this?



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    Same here. How do I resolve this?

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    The on-access driver failed to determine the name for a file. [e03d0056] seems of little use.

    I would suggest to suppress it: e03d0056 as a 32-bit unsigned dec is: -532873130.

    There is a table in the 'core' database called: "ErrorAlertFilters"; you could try using this to filter it out in the future, for example the command (admin prompt):

    sqlcmd -E -S .\sophos -d SOPHOS550 -Q "INSERT INTO ErrorAlertFilters (Source, Number) VALUES ('SAV', '-532873130') "

    I have assumed a default local Sophos instance (.\sophos)  is being used and SEC 5.5, hence the SOPHOS550 database name.  
    For more details on the database name see: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/17323
    For locating the instance of SQL in use by SEC see: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/113030 

    This will prevent the "SAV" message being displayed in SEC in the future if you acknowledge the current ones.

    Hopefully that helps.



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    I further investigated this often happening alerts on Sophos Enterprise Console for Anti Virus.

    It seems to me this can be reproduced when a user tries to click on a windows .lnk file that refers to an unavailable network drive location (e.g. network drive no longer mapped).

    I then noticed, right clicking this "dead link" .lnk file and choosing "Scan with Sophos Anti Virus" ends in an "Unknown Error".

    This should be fixed by sophos after investigation if its really a bug.

    Thanks and kind regards