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9.5.2: Change of certificate does not work (bug?)



i tried to change a cert within 9.5.2 -

Proceeded this:

1. Wizard, Import, Webconsole, detect certs, deleted old ones.

2. Restarted server, I get Error 2033 within SMC Control Agent (iOS)

3. Restarted Mobile Terminal, no change

4. like 1. I renerated self signed cert - and afters this I i imported (goto Number 1) - and after this replace with official cert.

All did not help - i reverted my snapsot an I hope you'll have a solution for me. I have 2 weeks to go with the old cert - perhaps someone other has tried to renew/replace the SSL Server cert with SMC 9.5.2 running on Windows Datacenter 2016.


Webbrowser opens console without error.

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  • Hi,

    what workaround is possible? what timeframe is planned for this hotfix?

  • Hi  

    According to current planning, this should be available in the course of the next week. However, I do not have any specific date for the version release. Once it is released we will be updating our forums. For testing purposes, Would it be possible to send a message to the affected device? The communication should work again after receiving the message. 


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  • Hi Shweta, Hi Till

    I tested the "trick" with sending a message to an affected device. Unfortunately this didn't work. On the device, there pops up, that it received a message, but when the customer try to read this message, he gets again the "Error 2033".


    Kind regards!


  • Hi Chris,

    thank you for the test - I can not test this because we are running on production and outages are monitored and charged to my account... I invested 2 tries to change the cert (see initial post and had no success - I support SMC starting Version 2.0 and have years of experience within mobile device management (not a newbe, started 1998 with Nokia Communicator my first mobile business)

  • Good Morning everybody!


    Any news about a solution? We still struggle with this problem and we wouldn't be pleased 'bout re-enroll all devices :P


    Today, I gonna do some testing again:

    . Switch back to the old certificate on to SM Server as well as on the Apache2 reverse proxy.

    . Enroll a device.

    . Upgrade to the new certificate on SM Server and Apache2 reverse proxy according to

    . Check state of previously enrolled device





  • Hi Sophos,

    please give us information regarding this bug - where is the old cert cached?

    1. in the Database?

    2. within the App-Server?

    3. other location

    I have only two weeks remaining to change the cert due to christmas holidays and we do not want to get into struggle during this time.

    We need a solution/more information. In former times there were also problems with certs and Sophos published no patch - only a „dirty hack“

    Sophos: please give us information to solve this.

  • Hi  

    I did discuss about the version release with our team, our team has been coordinating with Apple support and we are expecting the release this week. Apologies for the inconvenience. 


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  • Hello,

    we have the same issue here. I'll updated our Let's encypt SSL cert and after the update I couldn't connect with an IOS Device. After switching back to the previous cert (valid till 12/08) it works



    I'll need a bugfix till the of december....




    J. Krause



  • Hi,


    time is running and we are getting a severe problem - this week is already finished - please provide information how to fix this issue manually. This could be like this:


    1. Please install SMC from scratch

    2. Import Database

    3. Use SQL script to delete old cert


    Sophos: we are waiting for you, it is mission critical! I opend a support ticket - very sad there is no support. I detected this bug which is a shop stopper when your cert will expire/revoced.

  • Hi  

    Please PM us your Case number which is currently open with the Sophos Support.


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